Sherry-Go-Round: Giving thanks for dreams and realities
by Sherry Kughn
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Recently I saw a fascinating sight in a meadow-like lane at McClellan. A yellow, boat-shaped launcher shot out several people dressed like piñatas. As they flew through the air, their costumes came apart and all sorts of clothes fell out. A crowd of people ran and picked up the clothes. “This event is so artful,” I thought, “and it would make a wonderful topic for a column.” I could hardly wait to start writing about it. Then, I woke up.

I lay in my bed chuckling that I had had such a crazy dream. However, I realized it had ties to reality. For instance, I recently rode through McClellan and admired the various meadow-like tracts of land. Also, I have a friend who flies a para-cycle. It’s similar to the ones used by the piñata people, only theirs was faster and quieter. (Don’t ask me why they needed a yellow launcher.)

Before I had gone to bed on the evening before the dream, I had watched a story on television about a woman who shopped at thrift stores and bought clothes to refashioned them.

Of course, being on the lookout for a good topic for my weekly column is reality, and a few readers may think weird dreams are fodder for many of my columns. I can assure them - my piñata dream was a first.

Another reality occurred in the summer while I was in New York City. I saw an artful display of color created by artist Orly Genger. It consists of thousands of pounds of brightly painted nautical rope woven together and piled up in wave-like shapes.

All of these “realities” swirled together in my head like the eggs, cornbread, sage, and broth of a turkey dressing.

After I awoke, while still thinking of how real the dreamed seemed, it dawned on me that, in America, dreams are certainly possible -- flying devices, piñatas, a plethora of clothing, and art for the sake of art. Also, I was thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and how thankful I am for my country.

Of late, though, we Americans seem to have forgotten our positive possibilities. We are mired in negative thoughts about politics when we see politicians more dedicated to a party rather than to the citizens. We Americans are not completely out of the recession, and some people are challenging our time-honored values. We hear that some Americans want to take prayer out of congressional assemblies and remove the mention of God from our currency. These changes would alter our heritage and identity, and I do not think the majority of American wants them.

For those who are overly frustrated, where can they go where things are better? The answer is nowhere. No matter how we feel about the negative things that are happening, we know we are more blessed, as a whole, than citizens in other countries.

So, next week, when we gather around our tables to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us not only give thanks for the United States, but also let us pray for her. Ask God to give us a dream to overcome our challenges and apply His truths and power to finding positive realities.

I believe that the majority of us love America. Our hope for the future rests in our faith in God and in positive leadership. That is a pure and wholesome that I think the majority of Americans can make a reality.

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Sherry-Go-Round: Giving thanks for dreams and realities by Sherry Kughn

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