Alabama's Governor by Joelh
Was the governor's "brotherhood" remarks poor judgement?
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Governor's remarks
by Joelh
 in response to Alabama's Governor
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The remarks made by the newly inaugurated governor of Alabama in a speech at a Baptist Church on a Martin Luther King Day service, brought a lot of ridicule and yelling. I did not vote for the man, but he nevertheless, is a capable and honest man. Here is his extremely difficult statement to understand by those who are looking for something to criticize.
“So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.”
Do people not understand that the Masonic Lodge is a brotherhood? Do they not understand that Islam is a brotherhood? Do they not understand that there are thousands of brotherhoods that would refuse to say they are brothers to those of us who do not belong to their fraternity or other organization.?
Governor Bentley made a truthful and accurate statement. If one has not been “born” anew into Christ…then no matter how much it may sting, you are not a biblical Christian. You are not in that brotherhood, you are not a brother to those who are. He, as other true Christians would, said “…I want to be your brother.” The Governor made no mistake, owed no one an apology, he excluded no one…he invited everyone. Those who have ignorantly ridiculed him owe him an apology.
Instead of gloating, those who are offended by his remarks should walk away in shame for their false accusations and abuse of the man. Unfortunately, none of you who reject Christianity and so glibly ridicule it, will ever be inside that brotherhood.
A good self examination would be to ask yourself if you would like to be his brother. Most of you will say, “(expletive) No, I don’t want to be his brother.” Now you understand why he is not your brother. You are different. He said he wanted to be yours. So who is the more in error?
The same treatment is daily blustered out concerning Sarah Palin. It poured out for eight years at George W. Bush. No president in my memory, has ever been talked about so harshly, vulgarly and degradingly than was George Bush. Not even our current one or Jimmy Carter, both of whom are more deserving.
Fortunately, some people are learning that uncouth derision towards other people does not enrich their own standing. If a person spends his days maligning others, it shows an inferiority complex, a need to put others down in an effort to bolster their own self esteem.

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